Moving From a Business That Doesn’t Matter to Happiness Through Peace with Ella J Mae

Can you think back to a time when you had to redo something or start over, and it turned out better than you could’ve ever imagined? I tried recording this interview with Ella Mae last week, but a case of the internet lag gremlins caught us in the middle of our conversation and caused us to reschedule it. I’m glad for the do-over, though, because despite a great discussion the first time around, the interview this time went exactly where it needed to go.

Ella is an expert at helping people bring their offers into the world, from ideation to launch, and helping them scale what’s working and fix what isn’t. She’s undergone a period of struggle with work and life perspective and come out on the other side. In this episode, we discuss this “dark night of the soul” period and the insights and takeaways she’s experienced in the two years we’ve known each other.

1:49 – How Ella went from copywriter to entrepreneur

8:31 – How societal expectations and norms can lead to building a life you hate

11:00 – The wake-up call on work (and life) many entrepreneurs experience but don’t talk about

16:27 – How to know when your thoughts slip into truly suicidal territory so you can get help

20:12 – What triggered my depression and struggle with suicidal thoughts

22:52 – Ella starting to come out of her “dark night of the soul” phase with a simple way to forgive herself

27:06 – How working with me served as a turning point for Ella

32:48 – Learning how to truly feeling appreciation in your body

38:41 – Why Ella thinks TV (and media generally) has screwed so many of us over

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255

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