Why Perfectionism Is a Success Killer

Do you see perfectionism as a success killer? What does perfectionism cost you in your business, relationships, and life in general? Over the years, I’ve chatted and worked with many people who, at some point in their lives, started feeling like whatever they did was never good enough. No matter how much they tried, even their best efforts didn’t suffice in their eyes and they kept striving to get it perfect. Today, I want to talk about how perfectionism can creep in and kill your success. In the process, I also share the first step to help you retrain your brain and get over your perfectionist habits.

2:53 – The problem that crops up when you strive to be perfect

3:12 – How perfectionist tendencies can first show up

5:09 – How perfectionism is a success killer

6:06 – The theme I’ve noticed while working with perfectionists over the last two years

6:43 – One way you can start to break your perfectionism pattern 

7:59 – Why you shouldn’t concern yourself with how other people see you

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