Pressure Cookers and Hynosis

I blew up a pressure cooker. Yep. You read that right. The darn thing just blew. And. It. Was. An. Epic. MESS.

Why would I blow up a pressure cooker? Well, it sure as heck wasn’t my intent. You see, pressure cookers are a staple cooking pot in the southern US. I was 13, and it was my job to get dinner going before everyone got home. My mom was in the hospital and my brother Barry and I were sitting at the kitchen island while the pressure cooker was working away on the stove.

What does blowing up pressure cookers have to do with hypnosis?

It had butter beans, BUTTER, BACON and water in it. We were distracted by homework (yeah, right) when the cooker started to make a funny noise. All of a sudden I knew something was NOT good. My brother and I dove behind the wall when the thing blew. Well, the lid didn’t blow off, but the pressure relief valve blew out and there was a hot, steaming geyser of buttery, bacon fatted water spraying all over the ceiling. I grabbed a towel and threw it on top. Quickly I called my grandmother for help. She just laughed and said, “you forgot to turn the heat down, didn’t you?”

Well, everything that has happened in your past doesn’t simply go away. The memories and the EMOTIONS attached to those memories are stored in your subconscious mind.  Sometimes those are emotions that we were not allowed to express. Most of us heard as children that we were to be ‘seen and not heard’, ‘boys don’t cry’, and ‘it’s not ladylike to be angry’.  So what did we do? We stuffed those feelings down. They never got expressed.

Do you know someone ready to ‘blow’?

Fast forward to sometime in the future, and there you are working away. The boss comes in and gives you some feedback on a project. You’re feeling unappreciated, undervalued. And this is not the first time. So you stuff it, because you love the work you do and really need that pay check. More feelings stuffed down, tucked away in that subconscious mind.

Then you get the weekend off. It’s a Saturday, and you decide to take the kids out for some fun. Maybe the park or for ice cream. The kids are having fun and get loud. Traffic is heavy. You’re getting irritated and really don’t know why. You can feel yourself beginning to boil. Determined to have a great day with the kids you tell yourself to knock it off. Now you’re getting frustrated with yourself. Arriving at your destination, silently frustrated, you admonish yourself for feeling this way. Time with the kids is precious. Next thing you know one kid has teased, pushed or hurt the other ones feelings in some way and that’s it. YOU EXPLODE. Red faced, nasty tone, raising your voice to the kids for just ruining a perfect day. Why did she have to be such a brat to her brother? She is so selfish, and petty.

Hypnosis can help you release the anger.

This is what happens when we can’t address things as they happen, OR find a satisfactory response to defuse the feelings. They build up over time and eventually they ARE going to express themselves. In a moment of regret, all the pain of the past comes pouring out onto that kid. It was an overreaction. But the damage is done. And if something is not done to release all of the emotion from the past in a meaningful and positive way, it will happen again.

These feelings can be neutralized in a positive and meaningful way creating change in your life. And it may not be simply peace of mind you gain. Dr. John Sarno, MD relates many inflammatory and somatic pain conditions to “repressed rage”. When you have suppressed anger all of your life, it WILL find a way out. With 5-PATH® hypnosis and 7th Path© Self Hypnosis you can turn down the heat on the pressure cooker in your mind and decompress. What are you waiting for? Call today and book your sessions 769-241-0888.