If you are ready to create a life with ease by letting go of the frustration and negative self-talk, Then it’s time to reconnect with your joyful soul!

Pushing your way through resistance in life is exhausting.

Hi, I am Penny and I want you to know that with the Release, Renew, Realign,

you CAN step into being a joyful soul. 

I am Penny.  Are you ready to re-connect with the inner knowing of self-love and self-worth?  When you have deep self-love and self-worth you are unstoppable. Allow me to guide you. It’s what I do EVERYDAY for others. 

After seeing hundreds of clients over thousands of sessions I see the patterns of thinking that create issues causing frustration.  The frustrations that are UNIQUE to each and every client and student start with the same general misperceptions.

Kathryn Zenkina, a.k.a. Manifestation Babe™, wanted more Joy and fun in her launches. 

Adrian wanted more presence in his life and the confidence to build a network to market his product.

Justina found deeper connection with her children AND paid off her debt. 

These thoughts and beliefs that weigh us down CAN be eliminated. This 8-week workshop will take you on  your unique path to release and renewal.  

It is time to allow your most courageous self out, is it not?

Most of my clients and students have already attempted:

Meditation and affirmations to keep going. It is difficult to pour a glass of fresh water if it is already filled with coffee. 

Hypnosis audios and apps. Hypnosis audios are cheap, but limited. 

It’s the belief that needs to be released and rewritten that matters.

Gratitude journaling. Gratitude journaling is a bypass to avoid releasing the belief. 

Books, podcasts and coaching programs. These are useful, but only surface level strategies. 


You may or may not have noticed, the rah-rah motivation guru’s strategies are focusing on surface-level solutions.

They simply don’t last…

It IS possible to let go of fear and self-doubt, and I can show you the way.

Joyful souls are aligned, decisive, and get things done fearlessly with clarity, focus and free of the fog of frustration.

Imagine BEing intentional and at ease as you plan your day. 

Life CAN simply be FUN!

Waking up knowing that you are your best and creating impact from that place.

Feel gratitude for all of your life, from your private family moments to conversations with your most challenging clients. 

Your life is a reflection of YOU. I wonder if you can imagine what you can create when your mind is focus and calm!


While you are thinking about how much impact you could create with more confidence and clarity, you might find yourself agreeing that you WILL be more focused and present after joining Release, Renew, Realign.

Justina used what she learned in Release, Renew, Realign to transform her life and her relationships. She was also on the podcast, where we really went deep into her transformation.

Have you fully considered how much time, energy and opportunities it will cost you if you continue to carry this heavy weight of ‘pushing through it all?’

Insights and shifts other students have observed

"I have worked my entire life to feel this self-love."

"It is okay for me to be significant." (i..e. 'it's okay for me to matter")

"For the first time I feel at peace."

"I know I have the power to do whatever I want."

Reset your heart-mind-soul connection

Release, Renew, Realign at it’s core is founded on a spiritual self-hypnosis that is unique to each practitioner.

Easily shift your vibration with this ascension style process.

Clear out the negative emotions to make way for the changes you DESIRE. 

Make choices from your heart, not your head

When you have a clear mind, you can choose what is important

When you choose what is important you can be PRESENT. 

When you are present in life you can appreciate and have gratitude for ALL of it.

Then you can take this ease and allow it to flow into every aspect of your life.

When you take care of the inside, all of your life WILL transform.

Are you ready to:

Take on exciting new challenges and opportunities with confidence

Show up and have more time for YOU. 

Easily attract more of what you want into your life?

Everyone is on a unique path, and each attendee has a unique experience. This experience puts you on a path of inner awareness and fulfillment. Get on a path that is uniquely yours

Here’s what to expect:

June 14th is your introduction week –  Dive into a short self-study, 

then receive your invitation to join the Facebook group.

 After that we will meet LIVE on zoom for 8 Mondays, 3pm-5pm CDT:

June 21 & 28; July 5th OFF; July 12, 19, & 26 and August 12, 9, & 16. 

You will immediately get access to the members area and you can dive right in with the Intro module. This will get you set up for success. You will receive access to the week 0 module on March 17th. Each week you will receive access to a new module.  I will facilitate and coach you through a process of renewal and realignment during out time together. Be sure to join On The Path with Penny, a Facebook group exclusive to my clients, students and members. 

Week 0:

Before we meet the first time, there is some information I want to share to set you up for success! It is also where you dive into what you really wish to accomplish in our weeks together!

Week 1:

Here we dive into our minds ability to heal the past. You will learn to access your subconscious to release and create what you desire! It’s simplicity of use is unbelievable.

Week 2:

Begin removing any subconscious mis-perceptions around self-love and self-worth. We continue refining your practice. It really IS simple!

Week 3:

Expand your release and renewal around self-love and self-worth. Begin to explore forgiveness that can be free of hurtful feelings and not feel like forgiveness at all. Begin to set yourself free of circumstance. 

Week 4:

Move deeper into forgiveness in a way that can change your perspective on life. Connect with your power of choice and free will. Once you realize your true power of choice, things really start moving for you. 

Week 5:

 A BONUS module of how to BEcome a Master of your Emotions unlocks during your integration week. On our live call we move into connecting with the inner knowing you are here to create your life.

Weeks 6 & 7:

 Strengthen your spiritual connection. Your practice becomes an ascension technique (if you choose) as you continue to raise your vibration.

Week 8:

The highest vibration is gratitude and this practice would be incomplete if we ended anywhere else! We will explore how to continue your practice into the future for a lifetime of clarity, focus and joy.

Release, Renew, Realign is based on the Insight Alignment Method©.

The Insight Alignment Method brings together insight, awareness and ancient wisdom to guide you on the path to the confidence and trust you are seeking.

You can join Release, Renew, Realign for 

ONLY 3 payments of $533 each. 

Or pay your registration in full NOW and save.

Lifetime Access to The Replays

You’ll receive lifetime access to the replays of the discussion and facilitation

If you are going to miss a call, we will work with you to stay on pace with the other attendees.

What is available in the portal for you:

Audio Files: each facilitation call is downloadable

Video replays and short to the point weekly insight videos

Easy cheat sheet in Week 0 to incorporate the practice into daily life

Bonus Module: BEcome a Master of your Emotions

Alumni Facebook Community

 Join the growing On the Path Facebook group to get support from me during and after the workshop is complete. This community is full of people just like you. 

More of what Release, Renew, Realign attendees have to say about their transformation:

“I cannot believe the secret to living life is contained in 9 powerful statements.” K. Dunning.

There is a  100% Money Back guarantee. To receive a refund, you must attend 80% of the workshops LIVE and at the end of the program if you have noticed no change in the way you experience life, hop on a zoom call with me within 72 hours of course end and demonstrate that you practiced daily with and I will refund your money. 

You may be thinking that you can’t take the time away, but right now you cannot afford to miss this opportunity. 16 hours is a grain of sand on the beach, compared to the rest of your life. This is time you deserve. It will pay for itself for years to come.

Sign up NOW, before registration closes SOON and spots are LIMITED.

This course is NOT for you if…

Investment to get on the path of BEing a Joyful soul:

3 easy payments of $533 each. 


* DISCLAIMER:Results may vary from person to person. We guarantee the very best service using current information and appropriate hypnotic techniques for your situation. Hypnosis is not meant to diagnose or treat any disease, but rather it is intended to provide information, insight, education, and motivation that will help to you live to your best potential and guide you toward being more effective in helping yourself.

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