How to Take a product from £0 to £1 Million valuation in 9 months with Dr. Adrian Massey

Dr. Adrian Massey is a leader in food science, innovation and delivery.  He’s worked for corporations such as Kraft Foods and McDonald’s and holds 29 food patents. Today, he’s sharing the challenges he’s faced over the last year and how he overcame them.  By reprogramming his subconscious mindset, he brought his unique breakfast, C’go Drink from £0 Million to a £1 million valuation. Learn about the strategies he uses every day to transform his business and his life.

1:58 – How Dr. Massey became interested in food science

3:18 – Dr. Massey’s experience working with major companies

5:32 – The origin story of the C’go breakfast drink

8:55 – The challenges Dr. Massey faced when moving from working in a corporate environment to being an entrepreneur

15:30 – After reprogramming his subconscious mindset along with other coaching strategies, the changes Dr. Massey has seen in his business

22:50 – The strategies Dr. Massey uses to help maintain his confidence and alignment

Connect with Dr. Adrian Massey on LinkedIn and find out more about C’Go Drinks here.

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