Revamping Business Strategies in the Age of AI: A Deep Dive with a Marketing Expert

In this podcast episode, I had a dynamic conversation with my guest, Todd Giannatassio, a marketing strategist who emphasizes the importance of making educated decisions in business. Todd shared his perspective on how businesses need to understand the components of marketing before diving in, using the example of Facebook ads. He compared running a business to joining a gym – it’s not just about affording the fee, but also about committing to the regular effort.

We both emphasized the importance of intuition in business decision making, and the need to distinguish between fear of the unfamiliar and genuine instinctive warning signs.

Todd also explained how he acts as a strategic partner rather than just a vendor for his clients, educating them on their processes and encouraging them to think strategically. He passionately discussed how he helps businesses with powerful messages reach and impact more people, detailing his range of services, from planning out marketing strategies, building websites, to setting up SEO and social media plans.

Overall, this was an enlightening conversation about the importance of strategic thinking, education, intuition, and partnership in making business decisions and achieving success.


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