Setting the Record Straight on Hypnosis Training: Questions and Answers

While I love everything I talk about on this podcast, today I get to talk about something I love most: hypnosis! Recently, I sent an email out to my list based on questions I’ve received about hypnosis training. But some of the questions that came up surrounded hypnosis itself. So in this episode, I’m just going to run through and hit the high points on a handful of them and clear up some misconceptions along the way.

1:13 – Can you use hypnosis to treat OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)?

5:28 – Can you use hypnosis to handle forgiveness? Self-Blame? Shame? Guilt?

11:03 – A question one of my graduates gets asked by other people regarding hypnosis

13:14 – What you want and don’t want in any hypnotist you choose to work with

15:48 – What are the qualifications to be a hypnotist? (The answer will surprise you!)

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