This Daily Practice Can Shift Your Mindset

Today, I want to talk to you specifically about your subconscious. Our mind can end up in these cycles of overthinking and trigger emotional responses. Sometimes we get into places where we’re more reactive than responsive, or maybe we can just feel an undercurrent of unsettled emotions. Or maybe you don’t feel that at all and go through your days feeling great; you’re simply looking for a way to reprogram yourself or connect with a deeper inner sense of self-love and self-worth. I have something for you that’ll help that I and many of my clients do every day.

3:01 – What a fellow practitioner came to realize

5:49 – What this once-a-day practice can do for you

If you are ready to release negativity, renew the true essence of yourself, and realign with your higher self, join the wait-list here.

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