Have you ever found yourself putting in a lot of effort, energy, and time to sort out why something is an issue in your life? Wondering why you make certain choices or repeat some patterns? Then I want you to listen up, because looking for the why behind your actions means staying stuck in your past stories and becomes your quicksand as you attempt to move forward in your life.

4:30 – What happens when someone asks, “Why…”

5:50 – What to ask yourself instead of “Why…”

7:30 – Identifying where we can work things out ourselves, and where we need support 

9:25 – If you’re stuck in your stories, you’re not who you are today, you’re who you were yesterday.

15:45 – What to ask yourself to get to where you want to be

You were born with all the talent, intellect, and strength you need. You just need to realize that on the subconscious level. Connect and uncover your subconscious blueprint by booking your call here.

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