The Journey of Healing, Power of Storytelling, and Empowering Kids with Katie Soy

I can’t wait for you to hear today’s episode! I have a great conversation with my client Katie Soy, a writer and storytelling consultant who helps entrepreneurs and businesses to leverage the power of personal and brand storytelling with persuasive messaging. But her story goes beyond that…

She went through a mental health journey that not only helped her with healing but is helping others as well. In this episode, she and I discuss her journey and her series of children’s books that’s created a community of parents and kids wishing to write stories in support of their own mental and emotional health.

3:36 – Katie talks about what propelled her onto her mental healing journey

7:27 – The one thing you can control in your life

10:09 – The story Katie found herself stuck in and the breakthroughs that began the healing process

13:48 – How I helped Katie discover the emotional blocks to continuing her healing

19:57 – Katie discusses what led her to create her book series for kids and how it reflects her journey

24:51 – Some of the most emotional work I’ve done with clients

26:51 – The fun to be found within Katie’s small but mighty community

What Language Is (And What It Isn’t and What It Could Be) by John McWhorter

Connect with Katie at her website where you can find her Firefly books and join the Firefly Society. You can also follow her on Instagram.

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