Thrive to 7 figures and beyond

Are you making $200k or more per year and ready to thrive so you can grow your business in an aligned and satisfying way?

Full Body confidence

You're ready to grow and want to do it while feeling confident and fully trusting in your ability to navigate the shifts that come from growing your business without the burnout, fear and imposter syndrome.

Deep Inner Connection

It's time to follow your intuition, and be in full acceptance of yourself. This allows you to deepen and nurture the relationships that matter most, beginning with yourself.

Your business thrives because you thrive

You're ready to elevate your mindset and lead your business without spinning so you can grow in a personally sustainable way.

become fearlessly authentic and deepen your inner connection so you can thrive to 7 figures without fear, doubt or overwhelm.

“There was a time when I was afraid to charge for the value of the transformations I facilitated for clients. Undercharging and overwhelmed I had to address my fears and shift my identity to one of inner confidence and owning my gifts so that I could move forward.” 

Growth is necessary for you and your business to succeed, and you’ve probably already realized that your business will never outperform your mindset. 

Every time you step outside your comfort zone, those internal alarms begin to sound. If you are like most entrepreneurs you’ve been told to push through it and push it down.

You’ve been told you have to live with imposter syndrome.

People have said the fear never goes away.

You’ve spent hours meditating, journaling and saying affirmations, but you know there has to be a better way–and you are right.

Hi, I’m Penny. We, as successful women, face unique challenges when trying to grow and scale our businesses. Our mother’s world taught us that women need to be and do everything, juggling multiple roles and responsibilities. These subconscious perceptions and pressure can lead to self-doubt, overwhelm, and feelings of being misunderstood. 

Over the last 3 and a half years I have facilitated thousands of hours of 1:1 and group experiences helping successful women and entrepreneurs to be in their authenticity, and achieve a level of self-acceptance and trust that has allowed them to expand in their businesses and personal lives. 

  • Gain clarity and focus: With our support, you’ll be able to quickly navigate the challenges of growing a business and stay focused on revenue-generating tasks.
  • Create momentum: We’ll help you keep out of fear as you grow your business and manage your life, so you can achieve your goals faster and with less stress.
  • Trust: You’ll learn to trust yourself so you can confidently make decisions that align with your vision and values.
  • Gain freedom: By trusting yourself to create a business that aligns with your lifestyle, you’ll be able to enjoy more time with your family and strengthen your relationships. You’ll also have more time and energy to focus on projects that allow you to make a positive impact on the world.

Growing or scaling your business in a way that is aligned with your lifestyle goals means that you get to trust yourself and step into your full authenticity. 

If you are ready to: 

  • Feel confident in your ability to grow a team
  • Believe in your ability to create a business that gives you the time freedom you crave
  • Trust yourself to navigate through any challenges without fearing failure

You might be ready to join the 1% of the 1%, the consciously aligned entrepreneur.

Past Client results

Most of my clients see results that extend far beyond the desired outcome of our time together. This is just a sample. 


Kick off with a 1:1 intensive

Be confident that you are seen and heard. Know that you are understood. On this 3 hour call we take the time for me to get to know where you are now and your goals, but most importantly YOU as we begin this journey.

Open yourself to immediate subconscious identity shifts that rapidly set the next 12 months in motion.

A $5000 value

6 one-on-one calls

For those time sensitive or deeply personal issues we can use your 1:1 time for rapid subconscious shifts so you can stay in momentum. There is no time on your calendar to get into quicksand!

A $9,000 Value

twice monthly group hotseat calls

Bring whatever is on your mind to your hotseat calls. Success is not a straight line. Some weeks you may celebrate while others you are breaking through money stories or brainstorming your next aligned move. Your peers and I will support you and collaborate with you. These calls will focus on what you need, in the moment. Form relationships with your peers that extend beyond the mastermind. 

A $18,000 value

in-person tropical retreat

Solidify your vision and create space for greater expansion in your life and business. Prepare to unwind and tap into your higher awareness during our time together on this 2 day all-inclusive tropical retreat.

A $5000 value

Quarterly guest experiences

These quarterly calls will have guest experts who bring wisdom and knowledge to address the physical, financial, and spiritual areas of your growth. 

YOU are the energetic force behind your success!


an $8,000 value

Group Voxer Channels

Enjoy separate group voxer channels for chat, support and wins any time of day, any day of the week. Receive and give support among one another. Team support, a.k.a. back pocket coaching from myself and my team, will be available from me Monday-Friday 10am -4pm CDT and after hours at their discretion. 

A $12,000 value

BONUS all-access

  • CATALYST audio vault
  • pre-recorded masterclasses and workshops
  • live masterclasses and workshops

a $2500 value

Is Thrive Right for you?

I’m serious about curating a collaborative mastermind where everyone feels there is something to give and something to gain. This is a space for conscious and compassionate creators ready to unleash their impact on the world.

Please do NOT apply if:

  • You enjoy drama
  • Gossip and knowing the scuttlebutt excites you
  • You are looking for someone else to take responsibility for your success or failures
  • You are not willing to participate in the group and are only coming for what you can get out of it.