thrive to 7 figures workshop

“Expose hidden beliefs and stories so you can rewrite them and Thrive to 7 figures without fear, doubt or overwhelm kicking in.”

thrive to 7 figures workshop

As an entrepreneur making 6 figures or more you know you have what it takes to succeed.



✓ Highlight the stories, beliefs and patterns that don't align with the success you desire.


✓ Rewrite and reframe those stories and beliefs to navigate your journey with ease.


✓ Tap into your intuition because you have more calm, focus, and clarity.


It’s time to break free of hidden limitations and step into fearless momentum.

  • Uncover the root causes of self-doubt and use proven strategies to eliminate it, freeing your mind to focus on strategic growth.
  • Lean into your intuitive abilities. Harness the wisdom within and make confident decisions effortlessly.
  • Identify and address these blind spots, helping you break free from limiting patterns and unlocking your true potential.


This 4 part workshop will empower you to quieten your inner voice, grow your confidence, fully trust your intuition, and unlock the limitless potential within you.

Other workshops can leave you feeling underwhelmed and wondering what was the point of spending your time to do it.

Can’t catch everyday live? No worries! You’ll have lifetime access in the exclusive Facebook Group.

This guided approach is different, it is just what you need!

It is a workshop specifically designed for high-achieving entrepreneurs like you.

It cuts through the BS and gets straight to the point with short videos and actionable steps. No time wasting here! This was made for successful individuals like you who value your time. It is a process that you can use repeatedly to to level up again and again.

My name is Penny and I’ve spent thousands of hours doing deep subconscious work with high achievers and entrepreneurs. I’m gifted at spotting deeper patterns and illogical subconscious connections and facilitating their release. I bring that ability into this workshop to help you discover the power of your mind and leverage it!

Thrive to 7 figures

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