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Your journey begins immediately…

Once you commit to this experience, you receive access to a recorded workshop so that you can immediately begin peeling layers and embodying unconditional self love which allows you to have peace of mind and let go of judgment.

In February we will begin meeting once a week for 10 weeks. On these2-hour calls we begin the journey of preparing for the Ultimate Energetic Alignment Experience. In this process you will clear out subconscious emotional clutter you didn’t even realize was there so that you can be comfortable being YOU. You WILL begin to experience a deeper sense of calm and focus. This calm and focus allows you to become decisive, centered, and confident. When you have room to receive you can time collapse the results you desire. 

As a BONUS, gain deeper understanding into emotions, their purpose and what to do with them. Not all feelings are based on accurate perception. When you know what to do with your emotions, stuffing them down and gratitude bypassing become a thing of the past. Walk away from the overwhelm and know when it’s okay to move your attention and when you should pay attention to your feelings. 


BONUS monthly 60 minute Q&A calls so that you can continue to maximize clearing and mastering your emotions prior to the in-person retreat. Staying consistent amplifies results. Let’s face it, life happens and you are here for the results. I am here every step of the way to support you in achieving them. ‘

September 3-8, 2023 we will meet in Sedona, Arizona. One of the world’s ‘power spots.’

Connect with divine energies that open your awareness to aligning, receiving and raising your vibration.


This all-inclusive experience is hosted in a retreat center located on the Red Rock Loop road in West Sedona. Every detail has been considered from the chefs preparing the meals to the yoga practices that heighten awareness of energies that accelerates your connection.

Walk away from this 5 night, 4 day experience knowing expansion, peace and divine connection that opens up a world of possibility for you. A world of possibility that positively shifts your relationship with yourself and others creating a deeper acceptance of all that is.

The Ultimates in-person experience opens up a world of Powerful Manifestation

When we are aligned in our thoughts, emotions and energetics the possibilities are endless.



Arrive and get settled. Enjoy the surroundings and get acquainted.

Dinner is served at approximately 6 PM.

We will open the circle at 8 PM


Open up your energy during breathwork with Camden Hoch

10 AM Introduction to the Ultimates practice and integrating the energies with the 3 stages of mastery.

Tap into the energy of Divine Healing.

Lunch Break

2 PM Experience the Energies of Divine Love and Blessings during the afternoon practice.

6PM (approximately) dinner will be served.

8 PM OPTIONAL Group practice  (Each day) or you can practice on your own.

Tuesday August 23

We will be exploring the area and energies of Sedona with a SUNRISE hike. Average high temperature in Sedona is 92 degrees in September. 

Late morning and into the afternoon we will have on-site massage therapists to help you release, relax and integrate the shifts you are experiencing.


10 AM Discussion of Ultimate practice then receive the Ultimate 4th and 5th Recognitions.


Morning YIN yoga experience with Camden Hoch. 

We will close the circle before lunch. 

Afternoon on your own to relax, snag some 1:1 time with me or visit downtown Sedona as a group.

Friday August 26

10 AM Checkout

Energetically aligned Brunch, dinner and snacks provided by our private chefs-who happen to be tapped in and are invested in the energetics of this retreat. 

Your experience continues after Sedona…

You’re probably asking “Wait, I thought Penny said this was a 9 month experience?” I did. Because this experience is an energetic experience I am mindful that there can be ‘too much, too soon.’ Integration is key. Once the retreat is over we will continue a 60 minute call each month to facilitate your continued expansion. Then in January 2024 we will have a 2-day virtual retreat to end our time together. On these 2 days you will move into frequencies of ultimate gratitude and joy. In this state you KNOW everything IS possible.

Your Sedona retreat accommodations located on the scenic Red Rock Loop road…

Everything IS energy. This is experience is intense and life changing. This experience is not for you if…

You need to know WHY for everything.


You are stuck in a cycle of victimhood and want to be rescued.


You are focused on what’s keeping you where you are.


You want a rapid fix without putting in the time.


You believe that your spiritual dogma and teachings are the only way.

* DISCLAIMER:Results may vary from person to person. We guarantee the very best service using current information and appropriate hypnotic techniques for your situation. Hypnosis is not meant to diagnose or treat any disease, but rather it is intended to provide information, insight, education, and motivation that will help to you live to your best potential and guide you toward being more effective in helping yourself.

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