Understanding Yourself is the Key to Success


I want to talk to you today about how you got to where you are. Understanding yourself, how you got to where you are and who you are right now will help you decide who you need to be. It will also help you understand what you need to do to find success that is meaningful to you. So many times, we consciously tell ourselves what it is that we want and desire.  And we find that that can sometimes be short-lived.  

So, I want to ask you, how do you define yourself? If you find that the stories you are carrying around to define yourself don’t really reflect who you want to be, write a new story.

1:58 – My thought-provoking question for you

6:37 – How to create success from a place that feels good for you

9:05 – How to find your place of alignment and understanding yourself by following the breadcrumbs of happiness

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