Unexpected Benefits of Addressing Your Inner Critic Subconsciously

The surprise benefits of doing the deep subconscious work, because there are surprises that people get. Unexpected things can happen, so I wanna share with you some of the wins that my clients have gotten in my group program, as well as one on one work. Because what I have found is that in my group program, people get so much added benefit out of that because things that they never considered are brought up by other participants, you know. Questions, insights, life experiences, and light bulbs just pop off all the time in the group program. It’s a 10 week program. It’s actually, as this episode is released, we’re about three weeks into it. It will, be the first of the year when I run it again. So you want to be on my email list so that you know when that rolls out or you can just message me on social media and let me know that you want to be in the group program when that rolls out. But here let’s just let’s roll with this. 

[00:02:32] One of the unexpected benefits that my clients get is they truly truly cannot grasp what it means to be neutral about their past until it happens, and what that literally means for their life. 

[00:05:18] Another unexpected benefit, if you’ve listened to the podcast, if I think it’s episode 11, it might be 10, it’s the interview with Justina, and she talks about how her son after we did the work for the first time, jumped up into her arms, hugged her and said, I love you. 

[00:06:50] I’ve had clients unexpectedly lose 10 to 15 pounds, no dieting, no suggestions for weight loss, but when they drop the weight of the emotion and the beliefs that they were carrying around, the weight fell off. 

[00:08:42] People have come to work on something to do with business and find that their marriage just, it rekindles. Something shifts, something changes, and things just start to fall into place. 

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