Using Your Intent and Will to Get What You Want

We’ve all been conditioned to use willpower to make a goal or a vision happen. Nike’s famous slogan is a prime example. But willpower serves as a function of our present, conscious awareness which can only process so much information at once. If you try to use it while you’re stressed, then your mind will prioritize safety and security over anything else first. So in this episode, I want to talk about the difference between will and willpower and how to use your intent and will to get what you want.

3:00 – An example of how your mind directs you toward what it feels will meet your needs

6:05 – The two things that come into play when you make a decision

7:00 – The crucial difference between will and willpower

8:01 – A couple of examples of how I used my intent and will to get what I wanted

18:01 – The other key component you must keep in mind when using intent and will

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