What can hypnosis help with?

One of the most common questions asked of me is, “Knowing what we know about how powerful the mind is, and all we know about stress, why isn’t hypnosis the first-line option?”  That is the million-dollar question. Clearly, stress can have a significant impact on our health.  Without a doubt, we have some degree of influence over 97% of diseases we may be predisposed to.  If your mind can influence it, hypnosis can help with it.  I’ll explain everything in today’s episode.

1:15 – Hypnosis explained

2:30 – The difference between meditation and hypnosis

3:07 – Clarification around hereditary diseases and conditions that we are pre-disposed to

5:12 – How stress affects us without even realizing it

10:45 – How we can influence the effect of stress on our health

14:41 – How can hypnosis help with depression and anxiety

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