Your Environment, Mindset, Hypnosis And Success With Michelle Petit

In today’s episode I’m interviewing Michelle, a friend and someone who’s used hypnosis for quite a while to create what she wants in her life. She has a really great story about leaving the corporate world and creating her own business as an interior coach. We discuss the impact of your home environment, optimizing your at-home workspace, enduring and overcoming the consequences of corporate burnout, and how hypnosis led to her business.

2:20 – How our environment can impact our feelings and success in life

9:21 – Advice for setting up your work-at-home space

14:17 – How burnout in her corporate job lead to Michelle’s hearing loss

19:13 – How Michelle manifested her corporate job through hypnosis

22:50 – Michelle’s road to starting her own business

27:55 – What Michelle says for those who doubt or have concerns about hypnosis

30:58 – The shifts that Michelle has noticed since working with Penny

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