Your inner voice…my FAVORITE topic!

We’re here today to talk about your inner voice.  Is it your greatest enemy or is it your greatest ally?  This is something that has made a huge difference not only in my life but in my business and my success.  Have you ever done any exercise or work around identifying what your inner voice is telling you?   One of the trends I’m seeing in Facebook groups among new entrepreneurs, in particular, is they are getting into these cycles of, “What do I talk about?”, “Will anyone want to hear what I have to say?”, “Will anyone value what I have to say?”, “Is it valuable?”.  And many times the advice we receive is to just push through it.  And sometimes, pushing through is the right answer. I’m going to explain why pushing through that negative self-talk works.  I’ll also go into detail about where your inner voice comes from, the two different types of negative self-talk, and what you can do to stop it if it is not serving YOU.

2:00 – The negative self-talk trend I see among new entrepreneurs

3:35 – The first place negative self-talk comes from

7:48 – Different reasons negative self-talk may start

9:45 – A simple practice I use when my inner voice becomes negative

12:14 – The second form of negative self-talk

14:15 – My challenge for you to help you remove your barriers

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