Personal, Professional and Spiritual Identity Shifts Can Feel Emotional

You’ve heard me talk about comfort zones and growth before on this podcast. Today I want to expand a bit on last week’s episode and talk specifically about identity. When you shed your old identity, it can bring about discomfort and emotion. You can feel out of sorts, even ungrounded. In this episode, I discuss identity upleveling and the uncertainty that arises as you shift into a new personal, professional, or spiritual being.

1:36 – What happens to your brain and your body as you experience uncertainty

2:57 – How your brain starts changing from the time you’re born

3:42 – Examples of how your mind can struggle to process shifting into a new professional identity

7:20 – The way our society can create discomfort around your desire to change identity

8:38 – The emotional impact of your personal connections when forming a new spiritual identity

11:21 – How I work with my clients on identity upleveling

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