Why You Have Those Dark Moments Questioning Whether It’s Worth It

In an episode with Ella Mae a few weeks back, we talked about the dark night of the soul. It’s the place our mind goes to when we question why we do what we do and if it even matters what we do. You could be a gazillionaire entrepreneur, a stay-at-home parent, a celebrity, or a college student still trying to find direction–it’ll still hit you at certain points in your life like a ton of bricks. So in this short episode, I talk a little about what influences us to have these moments.

2:01 – Society’s role in our “dark night of the soul” moments

3:33 – What you see isn’t the full picture

5:46 – Why carefully curated images create impossible standards even for the people at the center of them

6:57 – Seeing the same pattern in some of clients as the late Zappos CEO

8:40 – What’s coming up the next week and what I want you to do with this bite-sized episode

Episode 64: “Moving From a Business That Doesn’t Matter to Happiness Through Peace with Ella J Mae”

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