Are Your 2022 Ambitions Losing Their Afterglow?

How are you doing with your first quarter goals? Whatever your goals are, you start off with so much excitement, momentum, and motivation. But then around this time of year, challenges start showing up and little by little you start putting the brakes on. There’s a lot of reasons why this happens, but in this episode I want to offer some tips to help you get back in control.

2:00 – Explaining some of the neuroscience behind habits

3:46 – What I recommend if you’re running into issue from attempting a huge change

5:54 – How to address your dwindling motivation to keep working toward your goals

7:45 – Why refusal to take action on your goals can be fear-based even if you don’t feel like you’re afraid

12:18 – How I was actually conditioned to go for the struggle in an attempt to keep me safe and secure

Episode 72: “The No-Bullsh*t Approach to Dealing With Your Emotions” with Lisa Carpenter

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