Is Your Self-Care Routine a Block to Your Success?

How do you unplug and de-stress from the day to day stuff that aggravates you? Where do you go, and what do you do? Whether it’s happening in your business, family, or personal life, it can wear you down. And if you let that stress linger for long enough, you begin to normalize and become numb to it… until it hits you in the face in the form of exhaustion, sickness, or something else that really grabs your attention.

Self-care is important, but it also has two sides to it because while you need to unplug, you can go to extremes with it too. How’s that possible? In this episode, I use myself as an example to talk about how extreme self-care can become an obstacle to what you want.

3:23 – Two things I became extremely aware of during my own personal COVID crisis

5:50 – The wonderfully surprising thing I learned about my business after being away from it for five weeks

8:52 – How I changed my approach to self-care and stopped using it as a default avoidance mechanism

11:33 – What my self-care morning routine looks like to support my reaching the next level this year

16:15 – Why I don’t talk to my family about my business

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