Common Hurdles in Business and the Lasting Impact of Deep Dive Hypnosis

A lot has changed since my guest today was last on the show. It was 2020 and Justina Gonzalez was a mom of one, transitioning to work with a company focused on others’ mental wellness, and still evolving to become a leader and coach to others in her industry. Now, as a mom of two, she’s a subconscious sales transformation coach who helps online entrepreneurs craft powerful offers to scale with ease.

She’s back on the podcast to dive into where her life and her career has gone since then. In this episode we talk about attachment, limiting beliefs, and other common obstacles that prevent success for you and your business. We also discuss how our work together on uncovering and releasing those hurdles has helped Justina shift the way she approaches marketing and coaching clients.

1:42 – Justina’s gift and how she used it to shift her mental wellness business in a new direction

7:32 – What happens when you place too high a level of attachment on things and forget to have fun

12:44 – What helped Justina take the focus off attachment to results in her coaching business

13:59 – How social media can affect your attachment to money and self-worth

17:04 – The result of Justina identifying and releasing a subconscious money pattern and being in her zone of genius

22:50 – Transparency in how Justina helped me with my retreat offer and expressing the woo-woo side of myself with no apologies

27:05 – Why you should apply your frequency (i.e., energy) to everything you do in business

30:50 – The deep-seated trauma Justina discovered when working with me and how it affected her relationships (both before and after)

36:53 – The most important thing you can do to get what you want

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