Getting Closure to Shift Into a New You for the New Year

We make intentions with the arrival of every new year. Soon though, we get distracted or forget about it and lose sight of what it is we want. But sometimes there are things we have to let go of or release before we can move forward.

Getting closure opens things up so quickly. A couple of weeks ago, I had a huge shift that helped me get closure. And it’s not something I can really define, but I want to share that experience with you in this episode in hopes that it too gives you some insight or a new way of looking at things.

2:06 – What inspired the huge shift I underwent

4:06 – Asking these three questions gave me some guidance for making the shift

5:25 – Revealing the ultimate message that came through for me

8:40 – Why I’m feeling optimistic about the year ahead despite what others say

10:27 – How to make your own shift for the next phase of your life

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