Opening Up to Your Gifts and Ancestral Healing with Sand Symes

Going on a spiritual journey involves all sorts of interesting facets. You learn about awareness, managing your attention, living in the present moment, and realizing that there are energies that influence our thoughts, actions, experiences, and perceptions of the world. Some people walk a little on the woo woo side in their journeys, and for all my practicality, I do too. I even work with a shaman! Today, I’ve invited onto the show a modern medicine woman, Sand Symes.

Sand is a shamanic practitioner, seer, transformational coach, and pioneer of ancestral healing journeys who acts as a bridge between the spiritual and physical realms. In this episode, she discusses the development of her gift and how her work centers on supporting the healing of wounds we women carry from our ancestral line.

2:56 – The childhood incident that caused Sand’s gift of seeing beyond the senses to go away for awhile

5:15 – What convinced Sand to seek out teachers who’d help her better understand what she was seeing

7:48 – Sand discusses the process of “hollowing herself out” and starting her shamanic practitioner journey

14:00 – Why Jesus, by definition, was actually a shaman and how the core of every religion is the same

21:32 – How to start eliminating some of the initial negative emotion you feel when triggered by an event

27:20 – Why you should consider incorporating a consistent spiritual practice

31:25 – How Sand takes women on a journey of embodying spiritual practices and resolving ancestral wounds

Connect with Sand at her website.

Download her free manifestation gift and join her Radical Visionary Mastermind or Sovereignty Blueprint programs.

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