Discovering Greater Awareness of Your Energy Every Day

Today, I’m coming to you from Sedona, Arizona where I’ve wrapped up my Ultimate Alignment retreat. This powerful week helped expose the effect of others’ energy on us and how we get so caught up in the world around us that we become unaware of our own energy. So in this episode, I discuss some everyday tools to help you manage how you feel, show up in life, and connect with the energy within so that you can have a deeper sense of peace.

2:31 – The power of becoming aware of your own energy

5:00 – How I teach others to become aware of energy

6:01 – The realization one person at the retreat had about their lifetime of experiencing nausea and headaches

6:54 – How being able to go within changes your perception about yourself

8:28 – The check-in to give yourself every day, not matter what you’re doing

9:45 – Other things to keep in mind as you practice awareness about everything

Watch Camden Hoch’s Yin Yoga Sequence on YouTube.

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  • Jeannie

    What a very important message, to learn or remember to be aware of our inste capacity to connect and work with our own energy! As a doctor and an energy healer I applaud this wholeheartedly and I’m so grateful for Penny to remind us of this incredible truth that we often overlook. Thank you so much!

    • Penny

      Thank you! We get so busy in the doing, we often forget how powerful our awareness is.

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