Shifting Into Trust to Achieve Success with Dessy Tsolova

Imagine growing up in communist eastern Europe with an unflattering perspective about people in the west. Then as a teenager, you immigrate to the U.K. and suddenly your outlook gets turned around on its head. My guest Dessy Tsolova has had to overcome culture, media, and so-called acceptable social norms from her native Bulgaria to be the creative entrepreneur she is today. She loves fashion and design and has really come a long way over the years working with me, but I’ll let her tell you her story. You’re sooo gonna want to tune into this episode!

1:51 – What it was like growing up in communist Europe and getting exposed to Western culture

4:57 – Some of the biggest challenges Dessy faced when exploring fashion as a money-making endeavor

9:59 – How entrepreneurship felt for Dessy after she went solo

13:39 – A discovery Dessy made since becoming a parent that used to hold her back

15:59 – How Dessy got past her conditioning about seeking help to work with me

23:31 – Dessy describes how her mentality is stronger these days

24:26 – The negative consequences of following the old adage “forgive and forget”

30:01 – The pandemic-related evolution that’s transforming Dessy’s life right now

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